Healing Circle Class – Online
Bring yourself and your loved ones or their pictures to receive blessings and healing from the Angels. This class is based on prayer and meditation. The Angels help bring down the light for healing, peace, balance and harmony.
Energy Management and Protection Class – Online (limit 10 people)
In this 6 week group coaching class you will learn:
  • Where, when and how you drain your energy
  • Strategies and exercises to recharge your battery
  • How to neutralize negative experiences
  • How to maintain your composure in everyday life
  • Create an underlying emotion of peace and harmony
  • How to feel balanced and in alignment with your inner being
  • How to protect your energy
  • How to take charge of your life and improve your well-being
Higher Self Meditation – Online
Learn how to meditate by connecting with your Higher Self and working with the Divine Light. Benefits include:
  • Relaxation
  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Inner peace
  • Experience better health
  • Clear thinking
  • And much more