Emily is a wonderful person and healer who’s willing to help you out with any matter that arises in your life. She helped me release emotional and mental disharmonies I had been faced throughout my life. I am very grateful I worked with Emily because my life now has meaning.

Michael H., Chicago

Thank you so much for the change you have helped me to achieve. Your open heart, intuition and your refined skills helped me to break free from my past conditioning and embrace myself with love.

Kalli V., Athens, Greece

Emily guided me to get to the root of my problems and I was able to release them successfully with strength and love. I am very grateful for all the multiple remarkable changes she has helped me with.  I feel happier, more aware and present in my life now. I feel I am myself and strongly connected with my spiritual side.

Giota L., Athens, Greece

Working with Emily helped me, my family and my business. With her experience and knowledge was able to clear years of suffering, grief and negativity that I was holding. I am so grateful to get my health and quality of life back.

Anna C., Chicago

When I met Emily I was really experiencing the dark night of my soul. I was not ready to make changes in my life neither see my life as spiritual. I followed my curiosity though to have some sessions with her. From that point on my life changed dramatically to the degree that healing became the focus of my life. My relationships change, prosperity opens my door and most importantly I start working on my spirituality and learn about healing. She guided me to face different aspects of myself, start my spiritual journey, and find purpose in life. I am very grateful to Emily for her compassionate services but as a teacher as well.

Tasos C., Athens, Greece

Emily is an amazing spiritual healer. She is personal and very professional on her healings and one can approach her with trust. Every time I need a healing or I need to clear my thinking around different issues in my life, she is always there for me to support me. She is very efficient, well grounded and knowledgeable on every aspect of a matter. She can deal with any situation that arises with great dedication and clarity along with God’s Grace. I admire Emily and I wish I had met her earlier in my life where I would have avoided great deal of drama. She is a blessing to be around and I am grateful she is in my life.

Eleni N., Chicago

Working with Emily has helped me dealing and releasing my emotions. I was experiencing anger about the behavior of some people around me. I was feeling despair that some things cannot change in my life. My inner child was feeling pain, anger and unloved.  The sessions with Emily, were catalytic and empowering. My anger transformed to a deep understanding of the causes of my pain and anger. After our session I felt inner peace and closer to my true self. As my emotions were changing to love and expressing this love to others and towards myself I was noticing the people around me were changing as well. It’s really a miracle at work.

Zafiro L., Thessaloniki, Greece